Dr. Steve G. Jones


Caroline is the most inspiring and gifted hypnotherapist I've ever known - whose psychological insights, mind-body understanding, and wicked sense of humor have made a significant impact on my thinking, as well as everyone she meets. She has advanced understanding of hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP and mind-body therapy techniques to empower her clients to heal their bodies and minds, find meaning and purpose in their challenges and feel enthusiastic about the future and all its infinite possibilities. If you need change - look no further.

​Irvin Govind  Nov 2020

Grant's VGB Program really does work!!! I lost 5kgs the first week and 2-3 kgs per week on an ongoing basis. Grant gave me great information and support. Best of all I didn’t feel deprived or hungry. I did follow all his instructions to get the success I have always wanted. 3 Months on and I am still going strong. Have to buy some smaller clothes now.

Helen V.

Great experience! I found Caroline to be very empathetic and knowledgeable. She passed on a number of alternative therapy and supplement ideas which I had not been aware of, despite extensive research. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and though I was aware of what she was saying, my body was completely relaxed and I felt so blissed out that by the end of it, I didn't want to come back. Since then (session was 6 days ago) I am aware that I have felt more balanced, less anxious, happier and more grateful for my blessings. I have also noticed a greater confidence in my creativity.

Louise T.

I left feeling hopeful and protected by Caroline's real and other world guidance. I visited Caroline for the first time and really felt listened to, respected and given real and other world advice about my quest to have another baby. She is highly empathic, practical and gave me hope for my and my family's future dreams. The calm and focus I had upon leaving was surreal and just what I needed.

Bruce H.  Oct 2020

Just want to say thank you for the “magic” you performed. I must admit, I was a bit sceptical prior to our first meeting. But after trying various ways to drop some kilos, to no avail, I thought I had nothing to lose. Well, now being 8 weeks down the track and 20kgs lighter, I guess I have to say I’m a believer. I would thoroughly recommend your services, and you have been great to work with. The whole process has been a breeze and I cannot believe the will power I have gained. I’m still dropping steadily, and the cravings I initially had are definitely decreasing constantly. Once again, thanks for your help. Regards.

Stephanie.  Oct 2020

Grant, I just wanted to thank you for helping me lose weight. I have struggled to lose weight since having kids who are now adults, and to lose 15kg in the first 6 weeks has been nothing but miraculous! I feel amazing, and I know I can lose the last 7kg to get to my goal weight before Christmas 2020. You are very knowledgeable at all things nutrition and fitness, you put me at ease, and you have a relaxed, friendly and professional manner. Thank you so much!

Evan C.

WOW. 10 out of 10. 100% success in stopping smoking. I went to see Caroline to stop socially smoking 3 months ago and after 1 session, I haven't had a single cigarette since. I was only a social smoker and have never woken up feeling like a cigarette but put a beer in my hand and I could smoke a pack that night. I was probably socially smoking up to a pack a week. Not heaps but enough to feel it. I had tried to stop several times before but could never keep up the initial enthusiasm. Half the time I would forget I had 'given up' until I was onto my third cigarette.


I suppose only smoking socially I could go several days after giving up without being in the situation where I felt like one, by that time I had forgotten I had told myself to stop. Now, I can stand around smokers with a beer in my hand and even if I slightly feel like a cigarette I just find it so easy to say no, and it gets easier and easier. Not only that but at the same session I mentioned a few other things I would like to change and she included them into the same session and I have also stopped those or changed my behaviour to what I wanted. I was a little apprehensive before going but I knew a friend who had gone and it had worked wonders so I was fully committed to making it work. I was quite specific around what I wanted and Caroline helped me articulate that for my session. Caroline is wonderful she makes you feel at ease and asks all the right questions to pull together an effective session. She also provides you a copy of the guided meditation so you can replay at your leisure.


I listened to it a half dozen times post the session and it definitely helps to keep it fresh in your mind. What's also interesting is that since I have stopped smoking I have started to find it easier to make other changes to my life. It's like it gives you the confidence that you can change anything in your life. I would highly recommend Caroline for anyone that wants to make changes in their life. I think it would be important to be clear around what you want to change and why and Caroline can help with that as well. Good luck and I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Deborah W.   October 2019

I have lost 6.5kgs in a month and for the first time believe i will achieve a total loss of 25kgs, simply and efficiently. Hypnosis has helped me feel in total control of my body; Grant has also helped me focus on correct eating plans and habits that have been easy and enjoyable to follow! I already have 3 friends following my footsteps with Grant, such is my success and wellness! People tell me i look extremely relaxed, happy and full of life! That is how i feel!! Thank you Grant from an extremely happy customer (who doesn’t miss either wine nor bread unbelievably!) I thoroughly recommend this weight loss process!!! Do it!!!

Bonnie W.  

Outstanding service!!! Well worth working with Caroline and I am ecstatic with the level of detail and consideration of my personal circumstances during my sessions. Only four weeks on and I am down 7 kgs, feeling energised, managing stress levels more effectively and I am feeling like a whole new person. Thanks so much Caroline!!!


Caroline is extremely professional and she makes you feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you arrive. Her knowledge is wide-ranging and she is extremely intuitive at drilling down on the issues at hand and how to handle them. You’ll leave with a wealth of resources. Highly recommended!

Vicky S.

Grant is totally amazing!! Its been 3 months since I started my weight loss journey with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and I have lost 18.5kg thanks to Grant’s expertise! I can totally recommend his services and I have done so with many of my friends.


She really listens. I arrived in 10000 pieces, I am not from New Zealand and English is not my first language, she was so patient with me and took all the time, it is important we all seek for help when in need, it's been 3 months since our session and feel so much better now, highly recommended.

Sue M.

Grant, thank you so much for my therapy sessions. I’ve lost 12 kg in 13 weeks and have reached my goal weight. My friends can’t believe it. It’s more than hypnosis. Grant is multiple avenues of help rolled into one big injection of help in four easy VGB sessions

Amanda A. 

Wonderful session. I loved my session with Caroline - she is caring, intuitive and deeply knowledgeable about the mind body connection. I was strung out and unable to sleep and now I am a different person - calm, centred and excited about what the future holds. Thanks Caroline!

Jen F.

I highly recommend Grant services unreservedly. I left my appointments feeling relaxed, confident and more focused about losing weight. I feel so much better armed the knowledge and a new perspective about myself and my future. I have lost 7.8kg in 3 weeks. Grant was able to get me on the right path and did so in a thoroughly competent, understanding manner.


Very impressed!!! I attended my first session, open minded, maybe a little cynical too, but not of Caroline or the process, I didn't know if it were possible for anyone to assist me with my issues that feel bigger than Texas!!! I enjoyed Caroline's open and honest approach. I felt comfortable from "Hello". Caroline's demeanour is assuring and non-judgemental. Can't wait for my next three sessions!!!


Tracy S  

This being my first Hypnosis experience, I really did not know what to expect. Caroline’s easy manner and the welcoming environment put me at ease immediately. Her holistic approach to my wellbeing was really valuable and I came away with some great insights. The hypnosis was a very comfortable and enjoyable experience and I can’t wait for the follow-up session. It is early days for me but I have seen an immediate change in myself, quite unbelievable but very real.

Lisa W.  

Changed my life for the better! I’m now on day 84 as a non-smoker and feel better than ever. The pills and tracks to listen to were a big help in those first days, but even then I just knew I was a non-smoker. When I got back home after our session the first thing I did was throw my ciggies in the bin outside, not one thought crossed my mind about having another one and it really hasn’t since. I’ve just been to my Hygienist today and she was so impressed with how you helped me, she’s taken your name and is going to mention you to other patients. It’s been a big year of changes but absolutely my proudest moment is giving up smoking and I truly believe I couldn’t have done it without your help. Honestly I couldn’t recommend you enough!


Fear of Flying. I met with Caroline who was superbly lovely and listened intently to everything I had to say, she explained it all very clearly to me what was going to happen and how I would feel etc, it was amazing and I am so glad that I met Caroline and got help for my fear of flying.

Jon S.  

After investigating various Hypnotherapists I booked an appt with Caroline - initially based on a "gut feeling" and her no BS personal overview. I wasn't disappointed. Caroline made me feel very comfortable. She was informative, very well practiced and created a very comfortable environment for me. I found the session very useful and will continue to utilise her services for my own personal development.


I find Caroline excellent in every sense of her professional role. I am always extremely happy to have seen Caroline. Caroline's manner is brilliant and she always puts me at ease; further, Caroline discusses issues that are important to me in a way that no other therapist has done. She is non-judgemental and very supportive, and helps me come to a sense of realisation about things. With that, I always feel much better for having had hypnotherapy too, which I had never done before as I was always a little reticent to try hypnotherapy. I highly recommend Caroline.

Robyn H.

Highly recommended. Both the guided meditation and the advice Caroline gave me on supplements were spot on in terms of moving forward after a traumatic experience and dealing naturally with the unpleasant side effects of menopause. A highly valuable contribution to my efforts to make positive change in my life.



Highly Recommended. I found Caroline a warm, non-judgmental and empathetic listener. Her experiences, techniques and resources not only felt genuine and appropriate on the day but provided the support that I needed to move forward with my over thinking and fears. Caroline exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend her without a question.

Jens H. 

Hypno-excellence. Had a fantastic session that helped realign my thinking about past, present and future self.

Bonnie W.

Outstanding service!!!W ell worth working with Caroline and I am ecstatic with the level of detail and consideration of my personal circumstances during my sessions. Only four weeks on and I am down 7 kgs, feeling energised, managing stress levels more effectively and I am feeling like a whole new person. Thanks so much Caroline!!!

Lisa E. 

Incredible! I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Caroline. I have seen many people over the years to help me deal with stress and anxiety mostly, but had never considered hypnotherapy until recently. In one session Caroline achieved what would often take months, I am not saying I am fixed, but I am incredibly confident that with the tools she provided I will be. A truly rewarding experience - if you are thinking about making an appointment do it!

Charlotte H.


I would definitely recommend Caroline. Caroline has mastered the art of being friendly and professional. She makes you feel so comfortable while she listens to anything you have to say without judgment. I would definitely recommend her for help with any problem.

Jenni R. 

Thank you for your kindness, empathy and sense of humor. You made me feel valued and that my concerns and feelings were normal and solvable. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. You have a special gift. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Caroline S.

Caroline Cranshaw has a special gift to be able to connect so easily and make you feel comfortable as well as providing great advice and support.

Bruce S. 

Highly relatable and awesome therapist. Recently seen Caroline for some transformative hypnotherapy to support anxiety related challenges. Found Caroline to be an incredibly warm and energetic therapist - she has an energy that is infectious. The hypnotherapy has proven a really positive reset for me personally, and in addition, Caroline had some really great further advice on supplements and provided me some great reading resources in addition to the therapy. I highly recommend her, and am really appreciative of the difference she has instilled in me already.

Jim M.

Amazing. I was in a block and unable to function and enjoy life. After my session with Caroline I sorted out problems that I was unable to cope with previously and I have my zest for life and sense of humour back. Thanks so much Caroline.


Thanks to Caroline, I had a really bad habit to pull my hair. This behaviour started around 12-13 years old and she helped me to stop that habit. It's hard to explain but when you get out of your session with her it's like if your brain had a reset and you’re a new person. Less stress and more comfortable with yourself. I recommend her for anyone who got bad habits and want to get rid of it!

Isabella C.

Amazing. Thank you so much for your guidance, understanding and advice for me. It was extremely helpful and has given me a more clear and positive mind set!!


I have quit smoking before (a few times!) but always end up back on it due to withdraw symptoms and cravings. I had my first session with Caroline only 3 days ago, and my session with her started having noticeable positive effects the very next day. After my first session with her, I had basically no cravings, despite a full-on day at work, which is a miracle in itself. What she does, works! I may go back for a follow up session but it was so effective that it may not be necessary. She has a lot of insight to offer, a great sense of humour, and was able to provide good advice, without judgement, that has helped me break down a few barriers that were holding me back. Many thanks.

Becky W.

Lovely Experience, I felt so lucky that I met Caroline. Caroline helped me deal with the pain of a marriage separation. After talking with Caroline I felt stronger and much more capable of dealing with the situation. Caroline is understanding and compassionate.

Bridget D.

ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO MY APPOINTMENTS. I always look forward to my appointment because I come always feeling so positive and have a plan :)

Beatrixe T. 

Amazing. Caroline's treatment is the only one I would recommend for any mental health issue - it is the only treatment which I feel actually produces results and she tailors exactly to your needs!


Thank you. I am going through a difficult time at present. I met Caroline for the first time and she made me feel at ease immediately. I felt very comfortable talking with her as if I had known her for a long time. Caroline's a fantastic person who doesn't judge you or talk down at you. I would recommend her to anyone and I did just that today.

Tania H

Insightful experience, I went into the session with an opened mind and was extremely happy with the outcome and the holistic approach. I particularly valued the follow up email with the recording and reading material.

Briony M.

Thank You! Caroline provided a safe space to deep dive into many challenges I was facing at the time. She brings unique combination of many modalities and learnings. Beyond the sessions, she provided so much additional content and support. Grateful to your generosity and massive contribution!

Belinda S.

I had a wonderful experience with Caroline, she made me feel completely calm and cared for.. we were able to connect with emotions that needed some balancing and also calm after a traumatic event, also visions of future goals and future me, I loved every minute. Thanks so much for your care 🙏🏼

Lucinda K.

Thank you so much for an amazing session. I felt really relaxed and I loved talking some time at the start just to chat and get to know each other - it made me feel really relaxed. Would definitely love to come back.


Amazing experience. I feel completely renewed and in control of my life again after seeing Caroline. She is so lovely, warm and compassionate. Caroline genuinely cares which makes you feel very safe with her. I was able to work through some issues that had impacted on my life. I am confident I am now headed in a positive direction thanks to her help and guidance. I look forward to working again with Caroline. She is amazing at what she does.