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ABOUT Grant Bodle: Your Partner in Transformation

Expert Clinical Hypnotherapist and Weight Loss Coach in Auckland

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner, Weight Loss Coach, and a Mental Health Practitioner – specialising in Weight Loss & Addictions – Binge Eating, Quit Smoking, Quit Vaping, Quit or Reducing Alcohol, Stress and Anxiety, Sleep and Sports Performance and Mindset, I’m also a Personal Trainer (Level 4 & 5), and a qualified Nutritionist (PN1). 

I take a holistic approach to hypnotherapy and I’m passionate about helping people change their mindset, habits and subconscious programs to live a long, healthy, successful life, enabling people to become the best version of themselves.

I ran my own foreign exchange business for 17 years, then another 5 years in the corporate world, slowly getting stressed out and overweight. I decided to retrain in hypnotherapy, coaching, nutrition, personal training and fitness, and I have personally lost 24kg doing the Virtual Gastric Band Protocol.

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Personal Training and Nutrition Advice by Grant Bodle

I can help you achieve the results you want, by changing your subconscious programs to lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome addictions, and create lifelong nutrition and exercise habits, that will help you achieve the results you are after. 

Hypnotherapy helps quieten your conscious mind to allow positive changes through subconscious mind reprogramming and relearning. I look forward to chatting with you soon, changing your mindset, and motivating you to change your life for the better… 

The average weight loss of my weight loss clients over an 8 week period is 8.1 kg. Range 4.1kg to 12.4kg

Grant's Approach: Transforming Lives through Holistic Hypnotherapy

Grant Bodle's Qualifications and References:

  • Diploma of Advanced Hypnotherapy and Modern Psychology 

  • Certificate in Clinical Nutrition / Nutritionist  – Precision Nutrition

  • Certificate of Personal Training and Fitness Level 4 & 5 – New Zealand Institute of Health & Fitness (NZIHF)

  • Co-Founder of the Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute

  • Editor of Amazon Best Seller Quit Smoking Book – The Smoking Cure – How to Quit Smoking Without Feeling Like Sh*t

  • Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Life Coach

  • Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist – NZAPH

Video Review: Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

What Clients Say about Grant Bodle

Grant is totally amazing!! Its been 3 months since I started my weight loss journey with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and I have lost 18.5kg thanks to Grant’s expertise! I can totally recommend his services and I have done so with many of my friends.
Vicky S.
UPDATE: Broke the 100 kg today. That's 13kg in less than 11 weeks. So got to target before June. Same again by Xmas I hope. Running again. Love it! Thank you Grant. Take care. ​
Grant's VGB Program really does work!!! I lost 5kgs the first week and 2-3 kgs per week on an ongoing basis, over 25kg so far. Gave me great information and support. Best of all I didn’t feel deprived or hungry. I did follow all his instructions to get the success I have always wanted. 3 Months on and I am still going strong. Have to buy some smaller clothes now.
Irvin Govind
Grant, thank you so much for my therapy sessions. I’ve lost 12 kg in 13 weeks and have reached my goal weight. My friends can’t believe it. It’s more than hypnosis. Grant is multiple avenues of help rolled into one big injection of help in four easy VGB sessions.
I have lost 6.5kgs in a month and for the first time believe i will achieve a total loss of 25kgs, simply and efficiently. Hypnosis has helped me feel in total control of my body; Grant has also helped me focus on correct eating plans and habits that have been easy and enjoyable to follow! I already have 3 friends following my footsteps with Grant, such is my success and wellness! People tell me i look extremely relaxed happy and full of life! That is how i feel!! Thank you Grant from an extremely happy customer (who doesn’t miss either wine nor bread unbelievably!) I thoroughly recommend this weight loss process!!! Do it!!!
Deborah W.
I am so excited to have had the opportunity to meet Grant Bodle for my first of four hypnotherapy sessions for gastric band protocol for weight loss last week. Grant was absolutely lovely and reassuring and the hypnotherapy session after consultation was truly relaxing and amazing and was tailored personally to me. Having been overweight all of my adult life I am truly grateful for this opportunity to finally lose this excess weight and I cannot believe how just one session can have made so many changes in my lifestyle and mindset already. It is so good to be able to access the session which is sent to you along with a lot of other information to read and listen to. I am looking forward to the other 3 sessions booked and I truly believe I will finally achieve my weight loss goal with Grant’s help. I highly recommend him.
Jan Hepden
UPDATE: Wow wow wow! After my 1st session of Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis with Grant last week I have lost 6kg!!! I have not craved or eaten any sweet confectionery that I have been addicted to for many years. I am sleeping better than I have for ages, as well as making progress with exercising which is great, for a coach potato like me. I am really pleased with my progress so far and my change in lifestyle seems like a miracle to me!! Since my 2nd VGB session which was also amazing and relaxing it continued to reinforce the need for healthy eating and avoidance and aversion to sweet high carbohydrate pastries etc and processed foods. I haven’t really exercised for a long time and was beginning to lose confidence in doing so but I am definitely doing so much more which I hope to build upon to improve my quality of life. End of walking stick!!! Thank you so much Grant for working with me to change bad habits of a lifetime!! I so wish I had found you earlier!!
Jan Hepden
I have had a wonderful couple of weeks. I’ve found the nightly discipline of listening to the audio very helpful, and also very calming. It has helped with my non-drinking and also with my sleeping. Already I have felt fitter, healthier, more energetic, less stressed and much happier being booze free. The big challenge was St Patricks Day. It was always a big annual celebration for my friends and I. Having an Irish Mother, I’ve always loved the annual tradition of going to church in the morning and then partying throughout the day at the Irish Society Club and the RSA. But this year I was happy just to go to church, and then go to the RSA and enjoy a nice meal and some non-alcoholic drinks. I went home happy and was up the next morning feeling a million dollars. I can’t thank you enough. It has been quite revolutionary. The supplements have also been fantastic! Many thanks indeed and I have already recommended your wonderful services to a couple of friends seeking help for their issues.
Jeremy H.
Grant, I really found my appointment with you very informative but also relaxing. You are very easy to talk to and provided me with some useful information. I know it’s only been a few days but I’m doing great so far. If I find that I need to come again I would not hesitate. I would recommend your services.
Valerie Beuvink
Just starting with Grant and 4 days in, loving the discipline of daily time to commit to my health. Scales are moving in the right direction too! Recommend. Update: April 2023 Thanks Grant, your skill set was perfect to get me back on the healthy path, and losing fat. Take care, and I’ll tell my friends!
My experience with Grant at Mind Body Health Hypnotherapy was overwhelmingly positive. His holistic approach to my issues has helped me to look at life very differently and in a much more positive way. The benefits so far have been apparent not just to myself but to family and friends. I fully recommend a session with Grant
At a weight of 97kg I knew I needed to do something about it. I exercised and changed my eating / drinking habits. I lost a couple of kilograms but then got stuck. I had heard about the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy and I thought I would give it a go. Grant has a lovely calming way about him that totally puts you at ease. A discussion is had about your health, and what you want to achieve.Then you have a lovely warm blanket put over you in a lazy boy chair and you get hypnotised. People have asked how do you know if you can get hypnotised. It worked for me and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. You are still aware of what is going on but just in a very relaxed state, listening to some relaxing background music and Grant's voice. If you want to scratch your nose you can. You don’t feel like you are out of control as that is not the case. The course is 4 sessions spread over a few weeks, you get audio recordings of the sessions so you can play them back.You also get some nutrition advice which is also very helpful and is part of what makes this program work. I have over a period of time changed my eating and drinking habits and lost 12kgs in approx 3 months. But more importantly the hypnotherapy has changed the cortex of the brain that means I now eat less and drink less alcohol. I also don’t snack. I continue to lose weight at a steady rate which is great. I think if I exercised more this would all happen a bit quicker. I highly recommend this process if you want to make a change that does works, and is easy to keep up.
Linley Goodale
Just want to say thank you for the “magic” you performed. I must admit, I was a bit sceptical prior to our first meeting. But after trying various ways to drop some kilos, to no avail, I thought I had nothing to lose. Well, now being 8 weeks down the track and 20kgs lighter, I guess I have to say I’m a believer. I would thoroughly recommend your services, and you have been great to work with. The whole process has been a breeze and I cannot believe the will power I have gained. I’m still dropping steadily, and the cravings I initially had are definitely decreasing constantly. Once again, thanks for your help. Regards,
Bruce H.
Grant, I just wanted to thank you for helping me lose weight. I have struggled to lose weight since having kids who are now adults, and to lose 15kg in the first 6 weeks has been nothing but miraculous! I feel amazing, and I know I can lose the last 7kg to get to my goal weight before Christmas 2020. You are very knowledgeable at all things nutrition and fitness, you put me at ease, and you have a relaxed, friendly and professional manner. Thank you so much!
I highly recommend Grant services unreservedly. I left my appointments feeling relaxed, confident and more focused about losing weight. I feel so much better armed the knowledge and a new perspective about myself and my future. I have lost 7.8kg in 3 weeks. Grant was able to get me on the right path and did so in a thoroughly competent, understanding manner.
Jen F.
Grant, thank you so much for helping me reduce my alcohol intake. I noticed major improvement after the first Hypnotherapy session! I was drinking 1-2 bottles of wine a day during the week, and double that at weekends and now I'm down to 1-2 glasses of wine, 5 days a week. My husband can't believe it!
Angela S
I really enjoyed my weight loss session Grant. I have started listening to the audios you sent me and they have been a big help. I also feel like my appetite is under control.
Sarah H.
Grant is very skilled and has a very relaxing soothing voice and manner. The gastric band package has made a huge difference to my appetite and food choices and I am on the way to my goal weight. The room, chair and atmosphere in his office is so comfortable and elegant.
Mary H.

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