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Diploma of Advanced
Clinical Hypnotherapy

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The Diploma of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

The In Person course Starts May 20-21

& Live Zoom Classes starting Now

Both courses give you access to the online course immediately. 

We teach you how to help people worldwide to improve and transform their lives (from your computer!)


Hypnotherapy is fast becoming recognised as the most effective therapy and the most asked for technique in the Health & Wellness field.


Learning this skill will add meaning and purpose to your life and advance your career while giving you the freedom to work with anyone, no matter where they live.

This course is taught completely both in person and online with chances to practice hypnotherapy techniques in every zoom session.

We pair you up to practice the techniques so you get lots of practice in a supportive environment. 

What you get:

  • Trauma Informed Online Hypnotherapy Training Course

  • Live In Person and Zoom Classes With Demos and Practice Sessions (135 hours)

  • Internationally Recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist status authorised by the IMDHA - International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association Once You Pass Your Final Exam

  • Printed Manuals Sent To You As Well As Digital Content

  • ​BONUS 1: 150 Hypnotherapy Scripts in Word Format (so you can customise them for each client)

  • ​BONUS 2: Websites For Hypnotherapists Course 

  • ​BONUS 3: Copywriting and Online Sales Course 

  • ​BONUS 4: Lifetime Access to Our Online Course and All Updates

  • ​BONUS 5: ​Access to Ongoing Professional Monthly Supervision



*Our course is accredited by the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association 



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