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The Course Development Accelerator Workshop

Would you love to get paid by creating virtual products, courses and workshops but feel overwhelmed with where to start?

Do you want to learn the formula to creating multiple streams of income doing what you love? Are you worried about the economy and sick of stressing about whether you will be able to make enough money to support yourself? 

The Course Development Accelerator can help you easily create a unique Product, Course or Services that could help thousands of people with your unique advice.

You will learn how to market your product to bring you the financial freedom you crave! This workshop will take you step by step through the process. 





Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is The Course Development Accelerator?

The Course Development Accelerator is a logical system for helping Hypnotherapists, Therapists, Coaches and Trainers rapidly create a Unique Product in just 7 days without the usual obstacles of not having a clear plan, technical overwhelm and lack of support so they can finally exchange less time for more income.

Q: Where and When?

Dates: July 30th & 31st 10am-5pm

Address: 261 Morrin Road, Auckland, NZ

Q: Who are you?              

My name is Clive Girdham and for the past 20 years I've been creating products for a massive range of markets such as Hypnotherapy, Photography, Martial Arts and many more. Like many people I want to exchange less time for a bigger impact. The Course Development Accelerator distills all of my experience into a logical step-by-step program so you can convert your unique experience into a product or service that will free you from seeing only 1:1 clients.   


Q: How does it work?           

My approach is based on the core belief that there are three elements required for success for anyone serious about achieving their goals as quickly as possible.



You have to be 100% “all in,” serious about taking action and motivated to get unstuck and achieve your goals. 



Instead of spending days, weeks, months, or even YEARS searching, clicking, and scrambling to put together all the pieces required for success, you must follow a proven system, roadmap, or path from Point A to Point B. This is what the Course Development Accelerator provides with little to no overwhelm or information overload.



The final element is confidence knowing you have dedicated support and coaching to help you stay on track. This helps keep you accountable and maintains forward momentum.               


Q: How is this different from other things I have tried?

There’s little doubt that you’ve probably clicked on countless ads, consumed more than a healthy dose of blogs or videos, and purchased more than a few courses - all from self-proclaimed experts and gurus who say they can help you exchange less time for more income overnight.

But you’re here because you’re most likely still struggling due to not having a clear plan, technical overwhelm and/or lack of guidance... You’re likely not following a logical roadmap for doing the required basics in the right order, to get your product created.


Q: How do I know if this will work for me?

Simple. If you are a therapist, coach, healer or personal trainer and have helped people with your knowledge and know there is more in you than just seeing 1:1 clients then all you need to do is commit to the 7 day process.


Q: How does the process work?

The Online Foundations

5 days before the Face to Face Workshop we all meet online so I can introduce the process and expectations so you can start with the end in mind.

I'll cover and explain all the terminology and tools to ensure you can hit the ground running. I've taken dozens of others through this process so I already know what questions I'll be asked.

Finally there is some basic pre-work you'll do to bring to the workshop. In those few days before I'll enroll you in an online AI tool we will be using and join you up in a Private Facebook page for ongoing support.


The Workshop Day 1

The "Getting the hands dirty" step will help you identify your ideal product or course.

"Mixing the Cake" will include identifying the correct ingredients for your product or course. The last step in the Workshop Day 1 is "Baking the Cake'' where you will fine tune the details. 


The Workshop Day 2


We’ll kick off the Workshop Day 2 stage by recapping on what we've already done and now it's time to "Create The Assets" "Publishing Powerhouse" includes choosing the online/offline tools required to host or deliver your course or product. 

The final step of our Course Development Accelerator Course Development is to ensure you are able to gain clients using the Effortless Marketing system which alone is worth the price of the whole course!

I'm not going to gloss over it, this is a lot of work to do in a short time so this is only suitable for people who are "all in '' and committed to do the work. I'm a "Possibility Person" and these are the people I adore to work with.

Finally there will be ongoing online support through a Private Facebook Group and Zoom Calls to check on progress.

Oh yeah you also get free lifetime access to the online AI tool you will be using to generate over 300+ course slides, 50+ emails, visual roadmaps, lead magnets and so much more...

Hope to see you in Auckland  




If you would prefer to talk to someone about the course, call Caroline Cranshaw on 021-977-540 


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