Change can be as simple as laying back, closing your eyes and allowing the relaxing power of hypnosis to update the unhelpful programs in your subconscious mind.


Hypnosis helps you put your subconscious on autopilot to figure out the rest. Helping to take the struggle out of doing what you already know you need to do, in order to be the person you were meant to be. The person you know you could be, if you just stopped getting in your own way…

It’s like updating the old software programs that have been causing you issues and holding you back from being who you want to be. All you have to do is decide how you would like to be, and we can help you achieve it.

Meet The Team

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Caroline Cranshaw

Specialising in Anxiety, Addictions Confidence, Health Issues, Phobias Trauma, Productivity, Public Speaking, Relationship & Sexual Issues, Binge Eating & Weight Loss

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Daryl Gove

Specialising in Children's and

Family Issues Auto-Immune, Pain Management, IBS, Health Issues, Medical Hypnotherapy, Phobias, Relationship & Men's Sexual Issues


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